"everything happens for a reason"
I live by that quote.
i'm zakia. currently in atlanta
been on earth 21 years, I'm a goat *capricorn*
student at ga state university
I hate being labeled
I just enjoy life
I'm a hopeless romantic
I have a diverse taste in music
nothing without god&my family
oh yeah I'm married to Kanye West
even got the Kanye bear tatted on me
yes that's how much i love that man
no one will ever understand my love for him & his music
and that's pretty much my life.
last of a dying breed
I just want to make it to the Forbes list.
just a corny kid trying to be successful in the world.
you'll love me
"try to learn more before you criticize me"



Kanye West going crazy to A-ha’s “Take On Me”



Fabolous - Breathe

like i said, one of the BEST songs ever made


"   I’m still learning to love the parts of me that no one claps for.   "
Rudy Francisco (via larmoyante)


Everyday I think about how much of a fuck up I am and the days I don’t think about it, I’m reminded.

Smoking and listening to Jhene is so peaceful 💜🌴☁️


takes me 0.2 seconds to get sad af


You find out who really fucks with you when it’s your birthday.